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Free Website and Email Hosting for Small Businesses

Hey, fellow entrepreneurs!

Do you need a website host but don't have the money right now as a new business?

Well, after much research in my own entrepreneurial journey, I have found a platform that truly lives up to its hype, called Payhip.

On this platform I'm able to create blogs like this, sell my current Amazon Merch, and even have the option to provide digital products and services.

If you're someone who needs a website and already owns a domain, the switch is too easy.

I switched to Payhip about a week ago and already up and running lol as you can see.

The interface is so simple, but if you need help, they have tutorials to help you.

I know it can be frustrating at first learning a new platform, but it's so worth it. Especially, when you see all that Payhip has to offer.

If you don't have a domain, simply go to Squarespace and claim your domain for as low as $12 a year,

YES, A YEAR! lol.

If you have used Shopify, then this switch will be too easy, because some of the navigation is the same.

There's literally no reason anyone shouldn't have a website today when you have sites like Payhip.

Yes, I did my research, as I do with every product lol anyone who knows me, knows I will look things up and verify for myself.

But I have tried Shopify, Google Sites and nothing is as good as Payhip right now. Especially for the price of free.

They do have other plans that cost, but as a new business owner, sometimes your funds are low, and getting started is more important than waiting.

Another great feature is that you can even import your current mailing list from whatever platform you use or use a Free option through Elastic Marketing. I've listed the pricing for both below.

What can you sell on Payhip?

Digital Products (eBooks, journals, videos, courses, software, sound files (music), etc.)

Physical Products


Coaching Services

How do customers pay on Payhip?

Their preferred method (All forms are accepted.)

What are Payhip's Marketing Features?

Payhip Marketing Features

Are there any fees?

Because it is free, there will take 5% from your sells. This is called a transaction fee. This is how they keep this program running. There are no fee until you make a sell. Pretty much like Shopify, but Shopify doesn't have free options lol.

However, as you see in the pricing plan the Pro level plan, has NO TRANSACTION FEE.

On the Plus Plan there's only a 2% transaction fee.

On months when sells are low, you're free to move between plans and still keep your store afloat.

You won't have to worry about footing a bill you can't pay at the moment.

When sells pick up, increase to the Plus or Pro plan to gain more of your profits.

I hope this was helpful to you, if so, please leave a comment below. Also, share this blog with someone who needs it. Please don't keep good information to yourself. There is enough money and people in this world for us all to have success. One thing I don't ever want to be is stingy with knowledge, hence my blogs.

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